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SHOW HORSE RIDER is the amazing horse show game in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Ride your favorite horse in a variety of race courses.
It is very funny and addictive game.

Player can choose the countries for different track.
Choose the powerful horse to increase the chance to win the race.
Every horse has specific powers.

Unlock the special countries and horses with horse cash won by race

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3 pocket mice, Storm, Swift & Smufy went for the GREAT CHEESE ROBBERY.
Unfortunately all 3 were caught cheese handed by the guard Kitty.
Help the mice to escape from the guards and enemies swiftly.

The launch pad is ready!
REMEMBER to collect the cheese as well!
Enjoy the funniest and challenging game in the whole world.







STAFF NOTES is a very basic and simple Musical notation Editor. 

It is the best companion for Students, Composers, novice, singers,    

keyboard/piano players and everyone who love MUSIC.

Anyone can start playing their musical instrument (piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, etc.) right  from the first day with the help of this app. 

Simple Tutorials are provide for the beginners to start playing immediately. 

Students attending music class can take the notes easily with STAFF NOTES! 

Composers can compose songs and experiment the music. 

It is the best companion to PLAY your instruments along with this app to practice your timing and speed. 

* Type/edit music notations 
* Play the songs as you type and do corrections any number of time 
* Share among devices using iCloud 
* Simple tutorials provided to kick start your musical life 
* Change tempo as you play and fine tune your music 

* The is the first version editor and supports very limited features. 
* Only G-Clef and 4/4 Time signature is supported. 
* Only whole-note, half-note, quarter-note and eighth-note are supported in this version. 
* It has a 2 Octave keyboard. 

GIFT this app and songs to your loved ones!


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Speed bag is a boxing punch game, featuring 3 hanging bags and
3 light indicators located just above the bags. Your goal is to punch
the bag when its light is lit. Easy huh? Not so?

We have made it challenging by introducing a timer and by switching on the lights randomly. So you got to be quick to knock the bag back to its tucked-away position. Now, do you think you're up for it? OK then. But before you throw in a punch, remember this - Power + Timing = Victory

The more punches you throw in, the more coins you earn and this allows you to play games at different levels